Red Field Media was founded in October 2007 as a unique media production company that melds the Judeo-Christian faith with storytelling conventions and standards of the film/television industry.  The company currently has fifteen projects in various forms of development, with more projects en route.

The word “media” in the company name denotes the rapidly changing landscape of the entertainment industry with the advent and proliferation of the internet and other distribution apparatuses as well as digital cinema in the hands of the masses.  Now, product is not strictly limited to conventional models of theatrical motion picture features and television programming; hence the nascent webisodes, mobisodes, and other forms of media burgeoning in the marketplace.  New technologies and distribution models coupled with the “emergent” Christian media market form the backbone and focus of Red Field Media.

We do not seek to produce “message” films nor filmic declarations of dogma, the former diluting the art and craft of film, the latter better served from the pulpit. Red Field Media unwaveringly pursues a visceral aesthetic built upon eternal truth, conflict, and seeming paradoxes of faith in a fallen world.  Above all, we strive to tell compelling stories that reveal the hope we have within and share without.

We believe in the pursuit and execution of excellence in the art and craft of filmmaking.  Just as there are inherent laws of Creation, so we ascribe to the wonderfully complex design inherent in producing movies.

We believe darkness must be shown, not to glorify it, but so that the Light might be seen to shine that much brighter in contrast.

We believe we are called to let our light shine before men, to those in darkness. As such, our films are crafted so as to not cater merely to the “faith based” demographic, but takes primary consideration of mass appeal, consumption, and impact, to reach out to those for whom we have been sent.

So, let it be written.

So, let it be crafted.

So, let it be shown.


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